Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Does Your Ex Still Care About You?

How Do You Know if Your Ex Still Loves You?

You still care for your ex, right? But how do you know if your ex still cares for you in the same way? A HUGE indicator can be if your ex still calls you. If your ex girlfriend calls you or sends you text messages asking how you are doing or just wanting to talk, then chances are, SHE still does care about you and is just waiting for you to make a move.

But, what if my ex does not make an attempt to get in touch with me? Try contacting her! Give her a call or send her a text message. Simply saying, 'How are you', or 'We haven't talked for awhile, just waned to say hi' are easy ways to see if she is willing to talk to you. If she is ignoring you, it might not be that she doesn't care, it could be that she is unsure if she wants to put herself in a difficult situation or maybe she is having a difficult time dealing with tough emotions left from the break up. These are common problems and YOU can help her overcome these difficult times.

So, she does not respond to your phone calls or text messages? What other methods of communication are there? Let's see...

There are:

E-mail, Social Networks like Facebook and Myspace


The old fashioned Letter or Poem!
Letters and Poems are a great way to get your girlfriend back.

E-mail love letters can help you in your efforts to get back together with your ex girlfriend, but how often does she check her e-mail? How likely is she to delete it before reading it? Social networks can be a good way of publicly announcing your feelings for your ex and may pay off. It may not be enough to get her to talk to you though.

HANDWRITTEN Letters and Poems are the BEST way to express your feelings to your ex and are difficult to ignore. A personal letter or poem from you may be exactly what she needs to get over bitter or unsure feelings that she is most likely feeling. Your ex will come back if you can show him or her how easy it is to be happy again.

YOUR FIRST LOVE NOTE should be short and to the point. Agree with the break up (for now). Try to act calm and collected about the whole thing. You don't want to scare her away by begging for her back or arguing that you should not have broke up.



Keep your Relationship Strong: Calm Mind Technique

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Afraid That Your Relationship is Doomed?

YOU CAN Salvage ANY Relationship....

Did you know that 99% of relationships can be salvaged? It may be hard to believe that break ups involving.... cheating, loss of passion, loss of interest, stolen heart and even the worse situation imaginable such as.... deployed men who are away for years at a time or even men serving prison sentences have salvage their relationships and get back together with their lost loves. Yes, even Ex-convicts who have been away for years have gotten back together with their ex girlfriends and wives after being away for several years!

IS THERE HOPE FOR ME? Can I get my ex back?

You may find it hard to believe ....

And that's ok....

Do you know any couples who have gotten back together? A girl that has taken back a guy? Or a guy that has taken back a girl?

I'm sure you do.... and here's something for you to think about.....

Why did these couples break up in the first place? You may know at least one couple who got back together after an affair, unfaithfulness, or even worse.

You may even know a girl or guy who got back together into a relationship that they really shouldn't have. Maybe an abusive relationship. I do not suggest getting back into an abusive relationship. There is help for getting out of abusive relationships as well as avoiding them in the first place.

Couples Get Back Together Every Day REGARDLESS of the Situation!

This can happen for you.... Just take your time, don't rush things...... that mistake has caused too many relationships to stay broken up. Remember, baby steps.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - First Step To Stopping a Break Up

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Talk to You

Ex Won't Talk To You?
How to Communicate With Her.....
How will I get my ex girlfriend back if I don't talk to him/ her?

A HANDWRITTEN note or letter is very effective in getting your ex to talk to you. Words are POWERFUL especially when written....

The KEY is.... Take it slow....
If you feel hurt or depressed, she could feel the same or worse. A note, letter, or poem from you could be exactly what she needs!

Suggest starting over as friends
This may be the easiest way to get your girlfriend back. At least if she agrees to hang out with you, even if it's with other friends, you are at least communicating once again. You may have to take it slow, but you will know when the time is right to make your move.


Getting back together with your ex can be as easy as reminding her of the great times you spent together and how it felt for her to be in your arms. Don't come on too strong, speak from the heart.

Adding your phone number at the bottom of the letter under your signature is a great way to entice her to call you.