Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make Your Ex Want You Back

Step by step guide to get your ex backYou've probably had a thousand thoughts going through your head from the break up.......

Why did we break up?

How did it come to this?

Will my ex come back?

How can I fix this?

Will she ever take me back?.....

How am I going to get my ex back?

It is common to feel confused or to lose hope by this point. DON'T LOSE HOPE!

The fact that you are online right now trying to find the right information to help you get back with your ex girlfriend is a good indication that your ex means enough to you that you don't want to lose him/ her. You are on the right track.

Before you can expect your ex to come back, you need to accept that this break up was for the best yourself. Only then can you move to the next step and begin the process of getting your girlfriend to come back to you. Imagine the doubt, the confusion, and the unknown as a wall. Just overlook all of these things and accept the break up and....... the wall is gone....... All you are left with is a open door of opportunity to start over with your ex girlfriend.

This can be a blessing if you have had rough patches in your relationship. Fighting, arguing, tension, even cheating..... You both have the chance to relax and start over. The ball is in your court now to set the wheel in motion to make this happen. Don't over think this, don't try too hard.... These things can make you fail. Keep it simple....... 

HERE IS A STEP BY STEP GUIDE to get your ex girlfriend back. Just follow this guide and your ex will come back, guaranteed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can You Really Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend No Matter What the Situation?

Believe it or not, you can get back with your ex girlfriend even if you cheated on her. The main problem is that a situation seems so hopeless, that a person gives up and loses all hope of repairing their relationship. There have been some pretty hopeless looking break ups that I may have even given up on, but I have also seen some couples get back together after some extreme circumstances.

My brother in law, for example, was in prison for 5 years (I'll spare the details for his confidentiality). His girlfriend and newborn daughter who is now 6 were not waiting around for him. His girlfriend has moved on, forgotten about him for the most part, and decided not to even allow him to be a part of his daughters life. In the last 6 months of his prison sentence, he made up with his girlfriend, convinced her to dump her current boyfriend, and made plans to move in with her and become a family. I did not see this actually happening to tell you the truth. I observed out of curiosity and to my surprise, he is back together with his ex girlfriend and they are living together. I asked him how he managed to get her back and he showed me a couple of letters he wrote to her.

I will NEVER underestimate the power of a handwritten letter after that.

It was nothing fancy or long or poetic or romantic or even well written. It had spelling errors, was written sloppily, and difficult to read. But, it was personal and made her remember what it was like when he was there. It comforted her and made her want to be comforted by him again. That really is the key.... Remind your ex girlfriend of how good it felt to be with you and she will miss that.... Soon, missing you will turn into a desire for her to want you back. Keep it simple and use you unique style when writing your ex girlfriend. She will relate to it and will touch her heart more than if you wrote a professional, error free letter.

If you are at the point where you are not sure if your ex will come back to you or what you should do to get back with your ex girlfriend.... First of all, DON'T GIVE UP! If nothing else, write her a note or letter. She probably won't com running into your arms right after reading your letter.... But who knows, I seen stranger things..... Your ex girlfriend probably has a lot of things on her mind and emotions that she is trying to make sense of. Your job is to help her by focusing some of her thoughts on you in a positive light. Just be kind, be concerned about how her, be yourself, and her confusion and emotions will settle down to the point to where she can make that decision to give you a call or write you back.

Be patient and be yourself.... I bet when you see her again, you may find out that she saved all the letters you wrote her. Remember, no matter why you broke up or how hopeless your situation may seem, you can get back with your ex girlfriend!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Communication: Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

Do you talk to your ex girlfriend? Do you want to talk to her, but not sure how or if she will even want to talk to you? Maybe you have tried to contact her and she rejected you or it turned into a fight..... These are the main reasons why I would not recommend trying to call or text your ex girlfriend unless you are already on speaking terms. This post is designed to help you open a line of communication with your ex....

So, when you want to communicate with someone, what are our options? You could call, text, e-mail, post on a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, etc.... OR.... you could go old school and write a letter. I would suggest a handwritten letter any day over the other methods and here's why....

Phone calls are easy to ignore, it's easy to get worked up and start yelling or get yelled at, and if you call over and over it could seem irritating or even get to the point of harassment.... All things you don't want.....

Text messages are simple, but easy to ignore.... they are not very personal, and it is usually easier for someone to tell you off over a text message than anywhere else.

E-mail is better than texting, but still easy to ignore and not very personal.... How easy would it be to hit the delete button just because she is upset at that moment?

Social network comments are not personal at all. Sure you can send a private message, but still... I have seen some very big arguments and fights over relationships start on these sites... Usually things are said that are not meant and the relationship is torn even farther apart.

This is why I suggest the old fashion HANDWRITTEN letter to help you get back with your ex girlfriend.... It's very personal.... It's not very easy to ignore. Chances are, if she ignores it at first, she will set it somewhere and read it later. Sure she could throw it away, but this is going to be your best bet... and who's to say she won't regret throwing it away and go dig it out of the trash later? This really does happen, I have seen it....

>>More reasons why a handwritten letter is the best way to win back your girlfriend.... It is tangible.... by this, I mean that it is something she can hold onto and read whenever and wherever she wants to. Curiosity will get the best of her and she will want to read it at some point. Maybe she will wait until she is alone....

You can capitalize on this..... This is going to be the one time to get her attention and to put yourself back on her mind. It is like a first impression.... you will want it to be good. Now you know the best method to get your ex girlfriend to talk to you again..... what should you write in your letter? I'll explain more about effective ways to your handwritten letter to get back your ex girlfriend in my next post.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tough Breakup? How to get back with your ex girlfriend.

After a break up, you may be left feeling confused or anxious. You may wonder how to get back with your ex girlfriend not be sure if your ex girlfriend even wants to get back with you. This is too common actually, and many people get stuck here..... which means they don't pursue their ex girlfriend..... and they never get back together with their ex.

Don't Let Confusion Stop You.......

You can get back with your ex girlfriend.... No Matter HOW or WHY You Broke Up! Getting your girlfriend to want you back is much easier than you may think. Many people try too hard which pushes their ex girlfriend away.

Ok.... I'm telling you don't give up, don't go too fast, don't try too hard.... WHAT DO YOU DO?!?

The trick is baby steps....

Start by working on you...... Relax...... Breathe........
You may be confused as to why the break up happened, you may feel that you did something so bad that your ex girlfriend will not forgive you..... Or maybe she did something to you....... No matter.

The important thing is for you to accept the break up and put it behind you. Look toward the future now.....

What do you want? You want to get back with your ex girlfriend. Right?
So now, how do you get the attention of your ex girlfriend?

This is where you want to not get over excited and go too fast. Your purpose here is to get yourself back on her mind.... in a positive way.... She may be thinking about you still, but may be angry or saddened about some things that happened. Remember, your ex girlfriends emotions are much stronger than yours. So, if you are having a tough time with the break up, imagine how she is feeling.....

The best way to get her attention is with a HANDWRITTEN letter. Not a text message, not an e-mail, a handwritten letter. It doesn't even have to be a love letter. In fact, its better if it's not a love letter at this point.... Remember, baby steps……
A simple letter telling her that you are fine and that you believe the break up was for the best. Ask her how she’s doing and make sure that you let her know that you are doing just fine. I would not suggest getting back together at all at this point. You may suggest being friends at this point, but that may be moving too fast as well….. Adding your phone number below your signature is a good way to suggest that she call you without actually asking her to do so.
This is a great start to get back with your ex girlfriend. Patience is important here….. It may be difficult to wonder if she even cares, wait a couple of days for a response and if you get none, write her another letter and talk to her like you would your best friend.